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First Place Winner of the Linked Learning Blog Contest

Posted by Rebecca Hopkins at 3/1/2013 9:00:00 AM

My Summer Internship at the Native American Health Center
Written by: Tien Mai

Tien Ma As part of the Education Academy Peer Education class, I participated in a summer internship at the Native American Health Center. This work-based learning experience consisted of assisting departments and working with young children at one of their school-based health centers. I spent about five weeks interning, doing office work, and being a person who the students can look up to.

Native American Health Center is a non-profit organization serving California Bay Area Native population and others. They help under-served populations with medical needs for all ages. Not only do they have a main center, they have also developed many school-based health centers at middle and high schools.

I developed many skills during this summer internship, I learned to manage time effectively and to stay on track and not get distracted. I had to think creatively in order to make fun and informative bulletins for the students and staff. I was able to gather and organize information I found through the Internet, magazines, brochures, and resource papers. When I was not sure, I asked many questions to clarify everything.

The photo above is of Linked Learning Blog Contest Winner Tien Mai, during her ECCO Summer WEE Internship Seminar.