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2013 Oakland Unified School District Board of Education

 Governing Board, Executive Staff
(January 7, 2013)
Standing (l-r): Tony Smith, Former Superintendent; Vice President James Harris; Jacqueline Minor, General Counsel; President David Kakishiba; Board Executive Assistant Edgar Rakestraw, Jr.; Director Christopher Dobbins
Seated (l-r): Director Jumoke Hinton Hodge; Director Jody London; Director Roseann Torres; Acting Superintendent/Secretary Gary Yee; Student Director Carmen Jimenez

The Governing Board, commonly called the Board of Education, is the elected policy-making body of the public education system within the City of Oakland, California. The Governing Board's primary responsibilities are to ensure that every student served by the District is well educated and demonstrates high academic achievement.

The Governing Board seeks to provide the public with information about the public school system goals, objectives, and activities, including its weekly legislative agenda, strategic long-term goals, and other activities affecting education within the City. The Governing Board hopes that you will visit these pages often, utilize the information provided, and share your feedback on issues related to K-12 education within Oakland.

Last Modified on January 7, 2014