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"I Am Oakland Unified" MetWest Celebrates Honoring Our Own winner!
Here at Oakland Unified School District, we are defined by the stories and experiences that our students and employees have each day while at one of our community schools.

“I Am Oakland Unified” elevates the standout efforts of our employees as they strive to make a difference in the lives of those around them.

These employees have inspired others to dream big and achieve goals while serving as role models for the entire Oakland community. Oakland Unified has steadily and substantively improved student achievement for a number of years; we continue to strive toward the vision of equitable outcomes for all students as we build a Full Service Community School District and an organizational culture of shared responsibility and accountability for our students' success. 

These are employees perform their work to the highest standard and represent the following attributes:
  • Hold students at the center of all their work
  • Value and represent the diversity of the Oakland community
  • Hold a strong commitment to social justice
  • Never stop seeking equitable outcomes for Oakland's children
  • Believe we share responsibility to ensure the success of our children and community
Thank you for helping us to identify and celebrate all of our people.
Last Modified on March 20, 2015