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OPTIONS 14-15 UPDATE!                                                                          
If you have yet to apply to enter an OUSD school for 2014-2015 you must do so ASAP, space is already limited. Come to 746 Grand Ave, Portable A. 
Late applicants who submit forms between April and the end of July will be receiving a letter within three to four weeks of their submission. We will continue assigning students to available spaces at school sites through our Options process until late July/early August.  
In either case, whether on-time or late, you must follow the instructions on the letter for confirmation of attendance at your assigned site. Appeal dates and instructions will be listed in the letter in case you wish to appeal the assignment. For more information on Appeals, please refer to the FAQ entry here 
For Preschool please visit the Early Childhood Education page by clicking here or read this PDF brochure
This information is for Transitional Kindergarten through 12th Grade Enrollment 
If you have not applied yet for Kindergarten entry for 2013-2014, or if you have just moved to Oakland, make sure to come down to 746 Grand Ave to enroll your student in school. Space availability is limited as our Options process has filled many schools. Inquire at the desk on what schools still have availability.
In order to apply, the parent/guardian or designee must come to our offices with the required documentation. Click here for required documentation
Open enrollment for new and returning students during the 2013-2014 school year will continue uninterrupted throughout the school year.  
Our office is located at 746 Grand Ave, Portable A. Oakland CA 94610.

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We are open all year long from Monday through Friday, 8AM until 2PM. Our office closes for major OUSD holidays.
Last Modified on April 1, 2014