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  • Division 3 Advisory Dinner:
    Wednesday, March 4th @ 5pm in the Cafeteria
    Cena para las Asesorías de División 3:
    miércoles 4 de marzo @ 5pm en la Cafetería
    Coffee with the Principal
    Friday, March 6th @ 9am in the FRC
    Café con la Directora
    viernes 6 de marzo @ 9am en el Centro de Recursos
    End of Term #3:
    Friday, March 6th
    Final del Periodo de Evaluación #3:
    viernes, 6 de marzo 
    BUILD Showcase #2
    Thursday, March 12th @ 5pm in the Auditorium
    Exhibición #2 de BUILD
    jueves 12 de marzo @ 5pm en el Auditorio 
    Monthly School Site Council (SSC) Meeting:
    Friday, March 27th @ 8:45am in FRC
    Reunión Mensual del Concilio Escolar (SSC):
    viernes 27 de marzo @ 8:45am in el Centro de Recursos
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  • We need your help! Our trip to Vida Verde is at risk of not being funded. For the past 4 years, sixth graders have had the opportunity to go on a 3-day, 2-night outdoor education and community building field trip with Ms. Sonnenberg called Vida Verde. This has truly been a life-changing experience for our students. The field trip also transforms the culture of the sixth grade, and therefore benefits our entire school. Students hike in a redwood forest, milk goats, and visit the ocean -- some for the first time. So far 22 donors, including some CCPA staff, have contributed about $1,500 to the trip. Unfortunately, we still need about $1700, and the project expires in 24 days. Please help spread the word about this amazing field trip by sending an email to friends and family and/or sharing my link on your Facebook page with a personal note from you about how the trip benefits our school.

    Link: Fantastic Field Trip Opportunity for Inner-city Students!

    Let me know if you have any questions.
    Thank you!
    ~Ms. Sonnenberg 
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About CCPA 
Coliseum College Prep Academy (CCPA) is a small high school on the Havenscourt campus in East Oakland and the first Oakland school serving grades 6 through 12. The stability of our program allows us to build powerful relationships with students and families to support a positive school culture and high student achievement. At CCPA, all students develop as learners, thinkers, communicators, and citizens. Our school program meets each learner’ s unique needs, value their passions and interests, connect their learning to the real world, and require students to demonstrate what they know and are able to do. Through partnerships with multiple community groups, we provide supports to help all students achieve high standards. Technology is integrated throughout our program to ensure students are ready to compete in our digital world.
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Class of 2015: 

Congratulations on submitting your college applications!

Here are the first college acceptances for the CCPA Class of 2015:
  • Alejandra Rivera: CSU East Bay, Chico State University
  • Juliana Rivera: Chico State University
  • Carlos Santillán: CSU East Bay
  • Veronica Reyes Niño: CSU East Bay
  • Victoria Reyes Niño: CSU Stanislaus 
  • Maria Lino: CSU East Bay, CSU Stanislaus, Chico State University, Ohio Wesleyan University 
  • Carlos Rangel: Chico State University
  • Patricia Razo: CSU East Bay, San Francisco State University
  • Patricia Avila: Chico State University
  • Yuliza Cruz: CSU East Bay, San Francisco State University, Chico State University
  • Ericson Amaya: CSU East Bay, San Francisco State University
  • Bryan Perez Wencez: CSU East Bay
  • Leana Hudson: CSU East Bay, San Francisco State University
  • Andrea Arroyo: San Francisco State University, Pacific University (Oregon), University of Great Falls-Montana
  • Jesús Barragán: San Francisco State University, San Jose State University (Engineering), University of Great Falls-Montana