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Public education in California is in a time of crisis. Last week, we received the latest in a series of devastating setbacks when we learned that budget talks between the Governor and the Legislature had collapsed, raising the prospect that school funding cuts will be dramatically deeper and infinitely more painful than we had imagined just weeks before. 

We wish we could tell you that we can completely insulate our children from the damage posed by the reckless behavior in Sacramento or that the fallout won’t be that great. Unfortunately, the implications of this news are severe and the impact will be felt across the community by students by staff, by families and by all of Oakland.

OUSD and fellow school districts face unprecedented challenges. As we strive to improve performance and produce better outcomes for children, we have fewer and fewer resources to direct toward this task. For years now, California has dramatically reduced funding for education and asked schools to do more with less.

This section of the OUSD website attempts to explain just how dire the situation is, what OUSD is doing to cope with California's budget crisis and the abandonment of its schools and how you can fight against the assault on public education.