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The fall of 2012 marks the re-opening of a single comprehensive high school on the Castlemont Campus, which celebrates and honors a rich legacy of the East Oakland community. Over the past eight years, Castlemont's small schools have created a space for students to be in close relationship with a small group of teachers.  We will continue to hold young people close, and ensure that adults cultivate positive and caring relationship with their students through the creation of academies and small learning communities within Castlemont High School.   


Through re-opening as one single high school, we will offer a rich variety of elective courses for Castlemont students including visual art, choir, instrumental music, piano, graphic arts, sociology, ethnic studies, journalism, Advanced Placement and other courses of high student interest.  After school programming will continue to offer tutoring and homework support to students, enrichment programming in the arts, internship programming, and a strong athletics program.  Through partnerships with Youth Uprising and Children’s Hospital, we will continue to provide students with the wraparound services necessary to ensure that all students are safe, healthy and engaged.


Finally, rooted in the Castlemont High School core values of kinship, resilience, passion, respect and hard work, we will partner with you to work towards the goal of ensuring that all students graduate eligible to attend a California State University or University of California.   


We look forward to working with the entire community to create amazing educational opportunities for all Castlemont students.


John A. Lynch
Principal, Castlemont HS