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Running a 2015 summer program at an OUSD site?
Here are some helpful resources.
Minimum Partner Requirements:
All deliverables DUE APRIL 15th, 2015 
1. Formal Contract of some kind
      a. 0$ MOU template 
      b. Professional Services Contract template
      c. If you are the school year lead agency at the summer site, you may only need an ammendment to your existing MOU 
      d. Supplemental Document Checklist
          i. Certificate of Insurance for up to $1M. OUSD must be listed as secondary insured and the CoI must be addressed to Risk Management, 900 High St, Oakland, CA 94601
            ii. Signed letter on official organization letterhead attesting that all employees have been fingerprinted/TB tested. List of TB test sites. 
            iii. Statement of Qualifications
            iv. Scope of Work 
2. Program Plan and Community Partner Platform database graphic.jpg
      a. All partners must register in the Community Partner Platform (partner database) and update their programming
             i. You can access the platform here. Your user name is your email address
               ii. Database Directions
      b. Recipients of 21st Century funding must also complete the Program Plan and return it to the After School Programs Office.
3. Civic Center Permits 
      a. All partners must register through SchoolDude and submit their requests through the portal
            i. You can access the Community Use link here. Once you set up a profile, you will have to submit for approval. Once approved, you can log back in and click the "Log in to Request Facility Use" button in the top right corner. Click here to watch a quick video on how to get set up. 
            ii. For any technical difficulties with the site, please contact Niki Dobbins.  
               iii. Please click here for an outline of daily expected custodial duties. 
      b. 21st Century Hub sites are only responsible for facility costs outside of 8:30am-3:30pm, 6/22/15-7/17/15
      c. OUSD Facility Hourly Rates and Fees handout
4. Nutrition Requests               
      a. Summer Principals will submit all nutrition requests for 21st Century Hub Sites
      b. All other partners must submit their requests through the Nutrition Request Form 
5. Attend an OUSD Partner Orientation
      a. For those that were not able to attend the Summer Partner Orientation on 1/22/15, the next general session will be 4/30/15. To RSVP, please contact Ryana Barbosa
            i. Please view our OUSD Partner Orientation Quick Facts for a summary and some helpful links. 
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Additional Resources:
Field Trip Policy and Guidelines
List of Approved Transportation Providers
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