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Oakland School Police Department works in close partnership with Oakland Police Department and is committed to Oakland School Police logoprofessional law enforcement.

Oakland School Police Department is comprised of Bureau of Field Operations and Bureau of Support Services under the Office of the Chief of Police: 

1.     Bureau of Field Operations – our Patrol Division includes uniformed officers at the six major high schools and tactical officers covering the elementary and middle schools.
2.    Bureau of Support Services - our safety programs includes the Campus Safety & Security Unit and Emergency Preparedness Unit
All School Security Officers (SSOs) who are stationed throughout the District are under the Campus Safety & Security Unit.  Emergency Planning is another critical component of the department.  Jenny Wong, Emergency Preparedness Program Manager, manages the development and implementation of the District's overall emergency preparedness program, including implementation of the Site Safety/Climate Plan for school sites and district offices.  Ms. Wong also assists and provides advice to administrators in the development and/or revision of school emergency and safety plans.

Vision Statement

Oakland School Police Department will, above all else, work diligently to analyze, understand and resolve the types of public safety issues that have a direct bearing on achievement of the District’s educational mission. It will be a leader in formulating and implementing professional programs that promote the interests of students and staff, and that create a positive environment in which education can thrive. The Department will be both responsive in addressing the District’s general and unique policing requirements and responsible in ensuring that its performance at all levels aligns with the highest of professional standards.

Mission Statement

Oakland School Police Department exists to support the educational mission of the District by ensuring the safety and security of the District’s students, staff and property, providing a reassuring, visible presence when needed, providing professional, caring guidance and direction to District students and staff on crime and other public safety issues, responding quickly to calls for assistance, reports of crimes and emergencies, and working closely with allied criminal justice and social service agencies to resolve issues that put the District’s educational mission at risk.