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Welcome to OUSD's 
Human Resources Services & Support Department
  Brigitte Marshall,   Chief Talent Officer 
 In Human Resources Services and Support, we are the culture keepers of “The Oakland Way!”   
We work hard to find, keep and grow extraordinary adults who are committed
 to providing  
incomparable instruction, services and schools for Oakland’s children.
                                                      1000 Broadway, Suite 295 (2nd floor)         phone - 510-879-0202
                                                      Oakland, CA 94607                                          fax - 510-879-0228
                                                                               Open Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
The Oakland Unified School District does not discriminate in any program, activity, or in employment on the basis of actual or perceived race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, medical condition, genetic information, veteran status, gender, sex, or sexual orientation.
Human Resources Services and Support Staff Directory

Who we are

Who we support

 Aaron Townsend
Director, Strategic School Support

The Strategic School Support Group focuses on building and supporting effective schools through staff development, support and recognition.  As Analysts furnish technical expertise and assistance in all matters HR,  Partners support school and department leaders in effective team-building, management, evaluation and discipline.  The  Employee Retention, Engagement Well-Being team works to promote retention through developing measures to promote health and professional reward for OUSD's dedicated employees.   

Beverly Jarrett 
School Partner
(510) 879-8847

  Region 2 and High Schools - Strategic and Leadership Support

Seyana Mawusi

School Partner 

 Region 1 and Region 3Strategic and Leadership Support

 Sophia Warith
Central Office Partner 
 Central Office Departments - Strategic and Leadership Support

Tamara Arroyo
Manager, Employee Retention & Development

(510) 879-8851
The Employee  Retention, Development, Engagement and Well-Being team is dedicated to improving retention through employee job satisfaction and health.  Our work involves supporting career growth, professional development, recognition, and physical and mental well-being.  We know that professional opportunities and the "intangibles" that contribute to engaged and enthusiastic work are a critical part of growing a workforce that is healthy, happy, and wants to stay and be part of the Oakland Way for years  to come!  We all share in the work of making a sense of efficacy and well-being an embedded part of the OUSD experience, and we each specialize in aspects of this work.   

 Lisa Ahn
Specialist, Employee Engagement, Retention, and Well-Being
(510) 879-0976 

Wellness initiatives in partnership with Family Schools and Community Partherships department. 

Laura Brady
Specialist, Employee Engagement, Retention, and Well-Being
(510) 879-0848 

Recognition and celebration 
Susie Martin
Credentials Analyst
(510) 879-0013
Credential Support 
 Suzanne Garrett
Credentials Analyst
(510) 879-4094
 Credential Support

 Tara Gard
Director, Operations and Employee Services 

(510) 879-8852  

The HRSS Operations and Employee Services Group works to ensure that all the technical aspects of HRSS services are in place and running smoothly.  Our Staffing Analysts bring broad technical expertise and understanding of district, bargaining agreement, and legal guidelines and policies to their work supporting employees and managers alike with information and guidance in matters HR.  We work closely with HR staff and other other departments to accurately and effectively administer and manage data updates to OUSD's Employee Information Management system, and maintain current status on credentials and other critical compliance requirements for every employee.  We are focussed on continually improving systems that serve OUSD employees, departments, schools and ultimately students.   

Nai Yung 
Region 1 Staffing Analyst 

Region 1 Elementary Schools
Chabot - Cleveland - Crocker Highlands - Emerson - Hillcrest - Hoover - Joaquin Miller - Lafayette - Lincoln - ML King, Jr. - Montclair - Piedmont Ave - Peralta - PLACE @ Prescott - Sankofa - Sequoia - Thornhill
Region 1 Middle Schools
Claremont - Montera - West Oakland Middle - Westlake

Stephanie Joseph
Region 2 Staffing Analyst
 (510) 879-0977 
Region 2 Elementary Schools 
Allendale - ASCEND - Bella Vista - Bridges @ Melrose - Franklin - Fruitvale - Garfield - Glenview - Global Family - Horace Mann 
International Community School - La Escuelita - Laurel -  Learning w/o Limits - Manzanita Community
Manzanita SEED - Redwood Heights - Think College Now   
Region 2 Middle Schools
 Bret Harte - Edna Brewer - Melrose Leadership - Roosevelt - United for Success - UPA
Dasha LaBrie 
Region 3  Staffing Analyst
(510) 879-8840
Region 3 Elementary Schools
ACORN Woodland - Brookfield - Burckhalter - Carl Munck- Community United - East Oakland Pride - EnCompass - Esperanza - Futures
 Grass Valley - Greenleaf - Howard - Korematsu - Markham - New Highland - Parker - REACH - RISE - Sobrante Park Region 3 Middle Schools
Alliance - Barack Obama Academy - Elmhurst - Frick - Madison - ROOTS International   
Kamika Hudson 
High School Staffing Analyst
 (510) 879-8806
High School Network Schools
Bunche -  Coliseum College Prep Academy - Dewey - Fremont - LIFE Academy - McClymonds -  Met West - Oakland High 
 Oakland International Hgh - Oakland Technical High School -  Oakland Community Day - Rudsdale Continuation - Skyline 
Sojourner Truth (K-12) - Street Academy

Nely Gebhardt
Central Office 
Staffing Analyst 

(510) 879-8845
Central Office Departments
Executive Leadership, School, Student and Instructional Support   
Board Of Education  -  Superintendent and Deputy Superintendents’ offices  -  Ombudsperson  -  Leadership,Curriculum & Instruction (LCI): - Instruction and OperationalAlignment  -  Family,School & CommunityPartnerships (FSCP)  -  LaborRelations  -  Human Resources Services & Support:  -  Legal  -  CharterSchools  -  Quality -  Accountability & Analytics(QAA)  - Communications  -  
Pre-K - 8 Regional Executive Offices -  High School Network Office  -  PoliceServices (including Central office SSOs)
Eric Haar
Central Office 
Staffing Analyst
(510) 879-8844
Central Office Departments
Business and Operations/Fiscal, Adult Education, Early Childhood Education
 Adult Education  -  Financial Services: Accounts Payable, Accounting, Payroll, Budget  -  Early Childhood Education  -  Facilities  -  Internal Audit  -  State & Federal Compliance  -  Information Technology  -  Risk Management  -  Procurement & Distribution:  -  Buildings and Grounds  -  Custodial-Central Offices  -  Nutrition Services-Central Office 

  Deandria Cockerham 
Employee Information System Analyst
 (510) 879-0847

Employee Information System Assistants:
Danielle Woodard 
(519) 879-0851
 IFAS Administration
IFAS (Employee information system) data management and data entry
Verifications of Employment with OUSD
The Work Number
verification for Mortgage loan, auto finance, credit card, job offer,
apartment lease, etc. 
Employee Code 10572

Michael McGrath
EEOC, Reasonable Accommodation, and Leave Administration 

(510) 879-8842

EEOC/Reasonable Accommodations
 Investigations of EEOC complaints, requests for reasonable workplace accommodation, and
effective transitions from leave to work. 

Angelica Ochoa
Administrative Assitant
 (510) 879-0169


Internal support of all customer service and technical support and execution of HRSS workflow

 Famlin Chao
Administrative Assistant

(510) 879-0195


Internal support of all customer service and technical support and execution of HRSS workflow 

 Ana Navarro
Administrative Assistant
(510) 879-0168


Internal support of all customer service and technical support and execution of HRSS workflow 

Jeff Dillon
Director, Talent Acquisition
(510) 879-8802

The Talent Acquisition Group is focussed on recruiting and placing highly qualified teachers and staff in every classroom, school site and administrative support position in the district so our students will graduate ready for success in college career and community.  The Talent Acquisition Team includes the Substitute Management Office and the Records Management Team.  

 Lynnette Calvin
Substitute Manager
(510) 879-8837

Certificated and classified substitute recruitment, development and support.    

Inquiries from potential and active substitutes.  Placement assistance for site administrators and substitutes. 
Amparo Ochoa - Clerk Typist
(510) 879-0975
Nicole Gillett - Clerk Typist
(510) 879-0849  
Active and archive employee files  

 Kelly Thompson
Talent Recruiter

(519) 879-8827

Pre-K - 8  Regions 1 & 3  

 Karla Barrios
Talent Recruiter

(519) 879-8813

Pre-K - 8  Region 2 & High Schools 
MaryClaire Delgado
Talent Recruiter

(519) 879-1063
Programs for Exceptional Children

Tracey Davis
Administrative Assistant

(510) 879-3275

Certificated and classified recruitment support

Hiring Manager assistance: postings, applicant tracking and other inquiries.  
Partner Program Management

Rachelle Rogers-Ard
Teach Tomorrow in Oakland 

The Teach Tomorrow in Oakland program recruits locally to build and support a pipeline for Oakland students to become Oakland teachers.  for more information see Teach Tomorrow in Oakland

  Cheyenne Pronga
Talent Recruiter
Teach Tomorrow in Oakland  
 Kelly Leonard
Administrative Assistant
Teach Tomorrow in Oakland  

 MaryJo Schneider
Business Manager 
(510) 879-0197


Board of Education liaison and executive support to Associate Superintendent

Martin Mitchell
Compensation & Classification Manager

 (510) 879-8841

Compensation & classification of district positions


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