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      Human Resources Services & Support      
1000 Broadway, Suite 295,  Oakland, CA 94607
phone - 510-879-0202   fax - 510-879-0228
 Office Hours M - F  8:30 am - 4:30 pm
 "Greetings!  In Human Resources Services and Support, we 
work hard to find, keep and grow extraordinary adults 
who are committed to providing 
incomparable instruction, services and schools for Oakland’s children.  
 We are the guardians of the OUSD employee experience; we are here to help every employee
thrive professionally, physically and emotionally so they can do their very best work everyday for OUSD's students.
We work for Oakland's children - we are Oakland Unfied"
                                                                                     Brigitte Marshall,   Chief Talent Officer 
May Alerts! 
OUSD Health Fair May 6, 2015 - 1000 Broadway, 1st floor.  1PM - 5PM
Health Benefits Open Enrollment now through May 31! 
Download Your Forms:    Kaiser       Health Net 
                     Online Information and Assistance                      
Use these online resources to answer questions and get information without delay!
You must use your OUSD user name (derived from your OUSD email address) to access these sites.  
If you need assistance accessing your OUSD email or logging in to these sites, please contact Tech Services at 879-8178.
  • Employee online (EOL) -YOUR employee information and access tool!  When you log in to EOL, you have access to information, forms, tools and important updates from Payroll, Benefits and Human Resources.  Additionally, you can access and review your own employment and pay information, without waiting and at your convenience. 
  • Pay Resolution site Paycheck errors (such as a short check, or no check) should be reported directly to the Payroll department using this site for the quickest response.  You may also request assistance by contacting the Payroll department at 879-8206
  • Employee Intranet Knowledge Center - The Knowledge Center is a comprehensive searchable online library of documents covering procedures and policies on virtually every area of employment- including Human Resources and Benefits functions such as coverage, enrollment, transfer requests, leave and return to duty information, and most other "business" documents you may need.  This link takes you to the Employee Intranet home site, where the Knowledge Center resides.  Browse and learn!
                HRSS Staff and In-Office Services                
  • Staffing Analysts - confidential assistance with:
    • Medical or Family leave – what is the process, am I eligible, etc
    • Compensation (Differs from paycheck discrepancies):    I need to turn in units for credit; Am I on the right step and column of my contract scale?  Am I eligible for schooling, longevity or other stipend, or other pay increase? etc etc
    • Other confidential questions specific to your position, seniority, or file

If you have a question, email your analyst!  
We will contact you with an answer, for more information, or to schedule a meeting. 
Your analyst is determined by where you work- see below for assistance  

  •  Schools - Pre-K through Middle  -  If you don't know your network, click HERE                    
  • Schools - High and Alternative  
  • Central Office Departments  - Click HERE to see which analyst serves you           
                                                                                     Nely Gebhardt................ 879-8845 
                                                                                     Tracey Davis.....................879-3275                        
    • Substitute Services (click here for more detail, forms and resources on subbing)
      • General info  .................................... 273-3437

             If you want to apply to be a Certificated or Classified substitute: Attend one of our Upcoming Job Fairs!  
                                        1000 Broadway, suite 295, Oakland 94607 
      •          February 6, 2015; and
      •          March 19, 2015.

                   *Teachers! Call 510-379-9303 as soon as you get your Employee ID to register and set up your account with SmartFind Express

    • To Verify Income or Employment          
                        The Work Number 1‐800‐367‐5690     (Employer Code: 10572)
    • Equal Employment Opportunity/Reasonable Accommodation                     
                        Disability Coordinator Nikitra Hudson............... 879-8843
    • Credentials
      • EL authorization and certification
      • Bilingual Stipend eligibility
      • Sub Tchr online recommendations
      • MS, HS and Alt Ed credentialing     
      • Highly Qualified Teacher status
      • Alameda County Credentialing Audit
      • Immigration/VISAS
      • Elementary, Sp Ed, CDC, Adult Ed         
          Susie Martin ..........510-879-0013             
          Dasha LaBrie ..........510-879-8840            
          Nancy Roque-Cornejo ..........510-879-0013 
    School and Central Office Partners (Leadership Strategic Support) 
                Beverly Jarrett, High Schools   .................................510-879-8847      beverly.jarrett
                Melissa Granetz, Network 1 K-5/Middle Schools  ........... 510-879-4283
                  Silindra McRay, Network 2 K-5/Middle Schools  ........... 510-879-4283

                Cenne Carroll, Network 3 K-5/Middle Schools  ........... 510-879-4283
                    Sophia Warith, Central Office..........510-879-0192
    • New Teacher Support, Development,  and Retention  
      Kafi Payne, Manager   ...........                     
    • Recruitment (click here for more information on applying for all positions in OUSD)
      • General information..................... 879-0202
        (Please note all OUSD vacancies are posted online at
     The Oakland Unified School District does not discriminate in any program, activity, or in employment on the basis of actual or perceived race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, medical condition, genetic information, veteran status, gender, sex, or sexual orientation. 
    Last Modified on May 29, 2015